Sarima Indigenous Peoples’ Land Forum

Defending Our Community Land from Colonial Takeover by Lake Turkana Wind Power Ltd.

About Us

The Sarima Indigenous Peoples’ Land Forum is formed by El Molo, Rendille, Samburu, Turkana and other indigenous and pastoralist communities in the South-East of Marsabit County, Northern Kenya. We have come together to defend 150,000 acres of our ancestral community land from illegal privatization by a European consortium known as Lake Turkana Wind Power Ltd (LTWP). We do not oppose the generation of wind energy in our region, but will not allow the theft of our community land.


Read about us and about LTWP, about the theft of our land, about our resistance and the response by LTWP.

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Our Declaration

Read our Declaration, our demands to LTWP investors and lenders, and our requests to national and international civil society.

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Support our Demands

We know that we will face repression for defending our land. We need your support to stop violence and dispossession.

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